About Us

great commitment and zeal!  

Helen Chadwick, Nancy Atcher, Marcia Garland.

Three women who represent different generations, lifetimes and perspectives, who found each other on life's crooked road.



 Nancy Atcher spent her career with the state assisting Kentucky artists in marketing their work.  Though she was a business major, performing was always some part of her life.    Now retired from her art marketing career, she continues to perform and support other theater ventures and performers.

Helen Chadwick has been playing keyboard for years, performing at clubs and other events.  She has been a professional model with Images Modeling, Lexington, Kentucky, and continues to coordinate an annual fashion show in the Frankfort area.   In addition to being featured in magazine advertisements, Helen has also been seen on local television.


Welcome to Marcia Garland

the newest member of


Marcia is a retired teacher from Franklin County, Kentucky, who has always had a love of theater.  She has performed in school plays including playing Kim in Bye Bye Birdie!  She continues to be involved in her church, community activities and now with We3Girls. Her husband Danny Garland is often a special friend performing with the group.


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